Audi and Climact are offering an innovative solution of sustainable mobility



Audi Belgium, in partnership with Climact, is offering an integrated solution for a top of the range and sustainable mobility experience with the Audi e-tron models. Together, we developed a solution that remains easy, robust and in particular local in order to enable you, as driver, to participate to the energy transition in Belgium by guaranteeing that the use of your car will be covered by 100% renewable energy produced in Belgium whatever the mean you choose:

  • recharge at home
  • recharge in public areas
  • use of the thermal engine


How does it works?

Together with Audi e-tron models, Audi Belgium proposes the e-tron mobility card that is associated with the production of a quantity of renewable energy equivalent to all the energy required to travel along 100.000 km. As the Audi hybrid runs both on electricity and fuel, we have evaluated the global average need of the car to travel along 100.000 km and translated that need in renewable energy required to ensure your mobility. The e-tron mobility card guarantee that we have reserve for you an equal quantity of energy produced in Belgium by renewable technologies. Such guarantee is given by Guarantee of Origin (GO) delivered by the Belgian electricity regulatory bodies.


What is a Guarantee of Origin?

The “Guarantee of Origin” is an electronic certificate that demonstrates the production of a quantity of renewable energy. Those guarantees are only delivered by the Belgian electricity regulatory bodies: CREGVregCWaPEBrugel.

Every renewable energy producer in Belgium that is connected to the grid has to declare his production of renewable energy in order to receive the corresponding amount of Guarantee of Origin. The system gives the guarantee that for all the renewable energy consumed anywhere, there is a corresponding renewable energy quantity produced locally!

The same system is used by your electricity supplier when if you have a renewable electricity supply contract for your home. The demand for local guarantee of origin creates a demand for renewable energy production.

When you use a local guarantee of origin for the energy consumption of your new Audi e-tron, you create additional demand for renewable energy capacity in Belgium and therefore participate to the energy transition of our country.


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